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Scent is an extremely perceptive sense. Certain fragrances can make you travel back in time to beautiful places, exciting situations or remind you of people that are important to you. That is why perfumes are so fascinating – they are memories, waiting to be rediscovered. Wherever you go, you take them with you and they remain there long after you leave. Your perfumes should therefore make you feel confident and special. Join us on a magical journey to the world of FEDERICO MAHORA perfume and find a unique fragrance that is truly yours.

THE PURE ROYAL Collection contains regal fragrances for women, which thanks to a high perfume concentration stay on your skin for an incredibly long time. Their sophisticated bottle design will amaze you with its timeless elegance. Discover absolutely new, captivating accords and experience the beauty of aristocratic elegance.

THE PHEROMONE Collection has been created to boost your confidence and attract more attention to you. Pheromones, when combined with the most exquisite scents, they ensure you stand out from the crowd and become the master of seduction. With these perfumes you’ll leave no one in doubt! Pheromones are odourless substances added to perfume to reinforce their stimulating effect. Pheromones are the secret weapon, with a mission to boost attractiveness and self-confidence. Seduction has never been so easy!

THE INTENSE Collection is a powerful experiences that intensify with every passing hour. You can enjoy the Intense Perfume for an incredibly long time with up to 30% of fragrance concentration.

THE CLASSIC Collection Fragrances have accompanied us since time immemorial. They say a lot about the person that wears them – emphasising their personality and providing an insight into their taste and nature. Choosing from the exceptional combinations, you will certainly find those that will simply be yours. Allow yourself to be seduced by iconic fragrances in their classic version.